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During World War II, Chios was occupied by the Germans (194144), resulting in severe deprivation for the inhabitants. In 1943, the local Government warned the dozen Jewish families residing in Chios that the Gestapo had orders to arrest them all and take them to Germany. Some families heeded the warning and were smuggled out of the Island. The remainder were taken by the Gestapo and nothing more is known of their fate. (Most of the Jews had fled the island during the Turkish attack of 1822, and subsequent earthquake 1881.)

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Today, the island has perhaps the highest per capita income of any prefecturate of Greece thanks to the fact the Chians own roughly fifty percent of the Greek merchant marine or about 12% of the world's merchant marine and to the presence of large Chian communities in London and New York which maintain strong ties with the island. Tourism, other than visiting diaspora Chians, is a negligible factor in the island's economy. Chios is home to a Greek ship-owning fraternity, including the families of Livanos, and Chandris, were from the island.

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